Demorize Digital Signage Software

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License Types

There are three types of licenses available for the Demorize products:

Each display showing a Demorize Player-generated screen must have a corresponding Demorize Player license. It does not matter if the display shows the same stream as another display or if the display shows the feed from a TV-network or streaming service.



Unit Price (SEK)

Unit Price (EUR)

Demorize Digital Signage (standalone)
USB key license, no time limit

Everything you need to get started with digital signage.

License allows you to run:

Demorize Editor (1 license)
Demorize Player (1 license)
4 400 SEK 490 EUR

Demorize Digital Signage Server
Gets you started with Demorize in a network environment.
This product allows you to manage a network of players and editors with remote distribution of content.

This product is a requirement for running floating Player and Editor licenses and includes:

DH License Server
DH Intermediate Server
6 900 SEK 760 EUR
Demorize Player (floating license, display 1-9) 2 800 SEK 300 EUR
Demorize Player (floating license, display 10 and up) 2 200 SEK 250 EUR
Demorize Editor (floating license) 5 400 SEK 600 EUR
PhotoBoard solution
A turn-key solution for running the PhotoBoard application.

This product includes:

Demorize Digital Signage (standalone), 1 license
DH Intermediate Server with Microsoft Exchange coupling
PhotoBoard application

6 600 SEK 740 EUR
PhotoBoard application
If you already have a Demorize installation you can buy the PhotoBoard application as an add-on to your current installation.
2 200 SEK 250 EUR
All prices are given excluding VAT. request quotation

Maintenance and Support

A one year maintenance plan is included that entitles the customer for free upgrades to new versions of the licensed products. The maintenance plan can be renewed at the end of the period for an annual fee of 30% of the total license cost based on current list prices.