Demorize Digital Signage Software - About Demorize (standalone)

The Demorize Digital Signage (standalone) product is an entry level product for those that easily want to get started with digital signage.

Start Small

The product contains a packaging of the Demorize Editor and Demorize Player that is easy to get started with. It contains all that is needed to setup a small digital signage solution.

You don't need any prior knowledge of digital signage and no advanced computer network or hardware skills to get it up and running. All you need is a computer connected to a display or television and the Demorize Digital Signage software. Everything you need is available through one integrated graphical user interface.

Same Power in Smaller Package

The Demorize standalone product comes with the same graphical and dynamic data presentation power that the networked Demorize product offers. The only limitation is that it requires a USB license key in order to run.

Grow When Needed

When you feel that you have out-grown the standalone Demorize you can easily continue to a more advanced solution by licensing more parts of the Demorize suite. You can for example extend your Demorize with distributed network support that allows you to update your presentations remotely and add more displays to your current installation. When you are ready to build a bigger Demorize installation, please contact us and we will help you decide what components you need.

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