If you want to create high-end public real-time information screens or motion graphics that combine images, video, text, 3D objects and data visualization, this software is for you!

Using state-of-the-art software technologies, the Demorize software allows you to create vibrant information screens that automatically update themselves with the latest available information using an easy-to-use data coupling mechanism. The work-flow is designer oriented with no need for special programming of complex code.

This software drastically reduces the effort of creating dynamic real-time graphics that attracts the audience's attention. Demorize is designed for broadcast quality visual content production and playback suitable for both corporate news displays, interactive kiosk applications, television broadcast graphics and stage lighting.

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Program Features

Dual Heights Demorize is a versatile software product that can be used for all types of displays where information or graphics needs to be presented.

You can create anything from airport flight information displays to corporate news televisions, real-time TV broadcast graphics, sports statistics and entertaining kiosk applications.

Demorize can use data integration to a wide range of sources for instant and automatic update of information.

The software is architected to work for a wide range of solutions ranging from small self-contained products to large centralized graphics networks across geographical sites.

  • Automatic data collection
    Easily present dynamic information from your existing systems, databases, RSS feeds, OData sources, Excel sheets, files or other Internet sources.
  • External control
    Have external applications control what is being displayed. Use triggers that react on external input to control presentation behavior such as switching screens, playing sound files or capturing a screenshot of a live camera feed.
  • Superior quality
    Superior quality and smooth playback compared to other digital signage solutions on the market. The system is designed to handle the high demand of full frame rate real-time TV broadcast graphics.
  • Instant Feedback
    See what you design by editing your screens just as they will look when presented by the player software.
  • Use common media formats
    Use file format such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, AVI movies, FBX, DAE, 3DS.
  • Design freedom
    Design with graphical objects such as texts, crawling texts, images, video, live video feeds, 3D objects, graphs and pie charts, web pages and world maps.
  • Advanced visual effects
    Create drop shadows, bevels, light effects, particle systems, 3D perspectives, full real-time 3D scenes, transition effects and chroma keying just to name a few.
  • Full animation
    Animate almost all aspects of the graphical objects and effects. You can even bind object properties to data from external data sources.
  • Reuse design elements
    Design with layers that can be reused between screens.
  • Interactivity
    Make interactive kiosk applications by using buttons, triggers and actions.
  • Scripting
    Extend the product with scripting only in those cases that you really want to make something special.
  • A product to grow with
    Suitable for uses ranging from small stand-alone systems to large networked solutions. You can even start small and scale up with more displays connected in a network environment when your need grows.


Demorize Digital Signage (standalone)

Buy Demorize to unlock the full potential of the product. This software product contains everything you need to get started with digital signage and is available for online purchase.

For full price list, visit the Demorize pricing information page.

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System Requirements

Dual Heights Demorize is a software suite that runs under Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2.
The software requires that .NET Framework 4.5 is installed.