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Get some inspiration and see how Demorize can be used to create signage screens


Create advanced and animated scoreboards for broadcast or public sporting events.
The scoreboard can automatically update itself from results tables stored in a database or text file.

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The digital photo and availability board shows your staffs' availability in the near future. The board connects to a Microsoft Exchange server and shows the availability of your staff based on the calendar bookings they make in Outlook.

Touch on your screen photo to show to the rest of your colleagues that you are at the office, or leave a message for others to read.

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Easily create informative displays that present real-time information.

A display like this can be created in less than an hour, including connection to real data.
Use Demorize to present real-time production statistics from your manufacturing systems to keep your workers up-to-date with the daily goals and current manufacturing statistics.
Demorize makes use of advanced graphics card capabilities that can be used to create visually impressive screens.
This can be used to make your text and objects glow, twist and shine.

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Easily display text and images from Internet RSS feeds.
The Demorize Editor ships with tutorials and examples that help you to easily get started.
You design your screens in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get user interface.
Use bar charts, texts and data source connections to easily and automatically display information stored in databases.
An advanced timeline system allows for object properties to be animated. This can be used to create smooth transitions and vivid screens.
The Demorize Player ensures smooth playback due to its native connection to the graphics hardware.
Use the world map object to visualize GPS locations that are fetched from a data source.

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Use particle systems to create that extra visual candy.

In this example one particle system is used to create the star field in the background while another is used to create the sparkling stars in the front.

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You don't need to create pre-rendered video in order to have good looking vignettes.

Combine render filters, particle systems and timeline animation to create vivid screens that are played in real-time by the Demorize Player software.

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With real-time 3D support you can use real 3D models that can be animated, lit and textured with both normal images and dynamic real-time content created within the program.
Reflection and normal mapping can create nice looking lighting effects on 3D objects.

Demorize can not only use pre-made normal map images but they can also be created in real-time by the use of a Normal Map rendering filter on dynamic text or other content.

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