Adds glow to highlights in your image.
The glow is configurable with threshold masking, color tinting and anisotropy.
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Adds depth and lighting to flat surfaces.
Excellent for texts and symbols that you want to give a feeling of depth.
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Radial Blur

Radial Blur

Adds a feeling of zoom and speed to an image.
With the configurable chromatic aberration this can also be used to simulate an imperfect camera lens.
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Download the Genifect OpenFX plugin suite for free for evaluation purposes.

This free version adds a watermark after 200 frames but otherwise contains the same functionality as the full product.

Download free Genifect OpenFX plugin


The Genifect plugin software suite is available for Microsoft Windows.

Price includes one year free updates and support.


Unit Price (EUR)

Genifect OpenFX plugin suite

Windows (64-bit)

75 EUR


All prices are given excluding VAT. Purchases within EU will add VAT.

A receipt of your order will be sent to your stated email address. When your order has been processed you will receive another email with download instructions. If you do not receive the download instructions, check the FAQ for help.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 64-bit OpenFX compatible host software.

The Genifect OpenFX plugin has been verified to be compatible with: